Powering a
Renewable Future


IKAR Energy Ltd. is the investment arm of IKAR Industries in the energy sector.

IKAR Energy’s vision is to enable the drive to clean energy and net zero by creating value that has a global impact

IKAR Energy’s strategic themes include the improvement of conventional energy in particular in power generation, renewable energy, waste to energy and sustainable alternatives, both in generation and distribution.

IKAR Energy’s primary geographical focus is Europe

  • Our project must have an impact on a cleaner environment
  • Our projects must contribute to securing power supply
  • Our projects shall be built and operate in line with ESG principles
  • Advisory primarily in structuring and financing of clean energy transactions
  • Investment in companies and projects which are in need of strategic, operational and financial support with the view to exit after achievement of the set goals
  • Investment in the development of clean energy projects with a view to exit at the end of the development or to build and exit/operate
  • Investment in companies and projects to secure safe and steady cash flow for our shareholders
  • Power generation – clean/renewable based
  • Power infrastructure
  • Smart solutions


Board of Directors

Mario Diel

Chairman, IKAR Holdings

Sertan Aycicek

President, IKAR Holdings

Burak Ucoz


Dr. Jospeh Muscat

Former Prime Minister, Malta

Prof. Hassan Diab

Former Prime Minister, Lebanon

Prof. Ornela Cuci

Former Vice Minister of Tourism and Environment of Albania

Executive Board

Murat Yavuz


Cem Ali Atilgan


Semih Aycicek

Chief Financial Officer

Roger Fajnzylberg

Director, France

Andreas Tolaros

Director, Greece

Ahmet Cem Yalcin

Chairman, AV Milres Ltd.


Introduction To IKAR Group 


IKAR Industries is the operational Holding of the group and the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. Accordingly, the sought-after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy.

IKAR Industries is utilizing its decades of entrepreneurial experiences, industry know-how and its global network on the management level and is doing either direct investments or in co-operation with co-investors.

IKAR Industries has chosen promising sectors to invest and operate within in the upcoming years and laid already the structure for operational performance

IKAR industries currently focuses on industry sectors:

Energy, Real Estate, Sports, Construction, Cyber Security, Aviation, Health, Services, Defense and Hospitality.

To Know More about IKAR Group


17 Savile Row, Mayfair W1S 3PN, London,United Kingdom
Email: info@ikarholdings.com